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Brighten Black Skin and Dark Skin Tones
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Lighter Black Skin Faster!
Our clarifying system is made with lightening agents that perfectly adapt to dark skin tones that works to make your complexion radiant and brighter. This is the perfect product for those trying to lighten their overall complexion or those trying to achieve and even skin tone and fade scars and freckles. DermaLum proven to work well for dark skin tones is growing to be the #1 in Skin lightening for African Americans and Hispanics looking for a daily skin lightening system for a radiant, lighter complexion. Perfect for people with melasma and severe hyperpigmentation.
Why People Worldwide prefer Skin-Bleach Product ?
"This is a great product my skin is lighter andreally glows. People notice and tell me ooh girl I love your skin." Patrice Clark

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Growing to be the #1 Skin lightner for Dark Skin Tones.
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Lighter ,Whiter
Skin for Black skin
Maximum Strength Skin Lightner8 oz.
This skin lighter works faster then most products on the market for lightening black skin. Use this forumula at night before you go to bed for lighter skin every morning.
Super Sun Block Darkness Defender2 oz.
This SPF 30 should be used every morning to protect your skin from darkening.This special sunscreen is your protection from darkening skin. Use it every morning..
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